After over a decade of uncovering customer insights by reviewing hundreds of thousands of calls, we’ve identified the two leading indicators that can improve HCP sentiment — and sales effectiveness — during contact center interactions.

With the Centerfirst Sales Accelerator, you’ll unlock tools to:

  • Assess your current sales performance and determine ways to improve effectiveness
  • Train your reps to ensure sales readiness
  • Accurately measure sales performance and make changes in real time

Your Agents & Enhanced Quality Monitoring

Call center agents are a vital component of a successful contact center, acting as your frontline in ensuring great customer experience.

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Find Skills for Positive Customer Interactions

As more and more companies adapt to the inside sales environment, pharma sales leaders are facing a new set of challenges.

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Learn How to Build Positive HCP Sentiment

These leading indicators help pharma companies adjust their sales strategy before results come in, making sales reps’ interactions more impactful.

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